Photography is in every part of our lives, It records our


first days of life, Our school-days, Our Holidays , Our


friends and family, Our loves and losses, Our failures,


Our triumphs.


It reminds us just how fleeting life is, And gives us an


opportunity just to contemplate those things of beauty


we rush by without regard.


And you only have to look at an image of a lost loved


relative to  know the power of these frozen moments of





In fact it is almost impossible to imagine what life


could have been like before the cameras ability to


record our world and our place in it.


The effect of these stilled and silent images cleared of


the clutter of movement and sound,


From the first time I stood in the dark room and


watched the image escaping from the blank whiteness


of the paper. I have been hooked. In love of the silent


poetry of photography. 




My interest in all visual images, Has been a life long


obsession, This is the way I look at the world For some


it is music that best describes there feelings,


With me it is the image, And my world is the visual ,


My church is the art gallery,


The woods, The expression in a face, And the tone of


the body, To see the beauty in the colour of the rusty


nail hit by a shaft of the morning light. And delight in


the shape of the shadow it casts.